Help Bring The Shire Downtown!

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We've finished our crowdfunding campaign! We'd like to give a major thank you to all of our contributors who helped us raise over $41,000! Each dollar we receive inches us closer and closer to completion. If you missed out on the crowdfunding campaign and would like to donate, our PayPal is still open and hungry. Coming forward we'll have many more fundraising events so make sure to keep your eyes open during the next several weeks.

With this initial funding, we will be able to pay for things like insurance, permits, licenses, and building renovations, bringing us closer to opening our space to the public!

There is strength in numbers—that has been our philosophy at The Shire Community Space since day one. We'd also like to give a thank you to our donors who's generous donations continue to foster our future.

We’re developing a space that fosters multi-disciplinary learning by combining an art gallery, classroom, café, and a venue for live performances. We aim to cultivate a positive vision of Modesto by creating a safe and accessible space that encourages individuals to learn, experiment, create, and share their talents, stories and struggles.

Other Ways to Help

By bringing people together to make small contributions, we not only reach our funding goal, but empower individuals to have a direct impact on their community. In addition to donating, here are other ways you can contribute:

Sign up to volunteer during our renovation phase

Email us if you want to get more involved!

Thanks for supporting us!